Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I think I've mentioned it before, but I am an artist. I loved art all growing up and so when it came time to choose a profession, I decided to become an art teacher. I loved my high school art teacher. She was the greatest lady and had a huge impact on a little girl who was constantly bullied. I wanted to be just like her, so I endured 5 years at Penn State and, when I graduated, I was ready to make that same kind of impact on someone else. Except that the job market for teachers in PA sucked and I couldn't get so much as an interview even though I excelled in college. Getting a teaching position in PA involves a lot of sucking up and usually nepotism. I am not good at sucking up and my family had no connections. I tried substitute teaching. I was good at it, so good that the schools didn't want to forfit me as substitute. Eventually I needed a more reliable job so I worked in daycare until hubby and I had our son. First chance I could get, I stayed home to take care of him. Then came baby #2. Now 11 yrs later I'm left with no qualifications or experience and the suckassedness starts all over again as I search for a job again. It started last year. Things were going pretty good. I needed to retake my certification tests. I passed the first 2, no problem. I was very surprised when I failed the 3rd test. Close, but no cigar. So I arranged to retake it. I was sure I aced it. I checked the computer and, BAM, was hit with another failure. Boo! But something looked wrong. I failed MISERABLY! I called the test-taking facility to tell them I thought there was a mistake. Nope, no mistake, they claimed. I knew in my heart I passed that test, so I paid the $55 for them to verify the test score. Sure enough....THEY HAD LOST PART OF MY TEST!! Turns out I ACED IT! I got everything straightened out, but not before the start of the new school year. So here I am, applying again. It sucks. And that's my sob story.

Here's some of my artwork, if anyone cares.

This was the first old painting I ever painted. I was in college.

My concentration in college was printmaking. This is a lithograph. I had really bad strep when the sketches for this print were due, so I could only draw something I could set up in my dorm room.

When we lived in OH I was obsessed with painting barns. This is my Grandma's farm.

I like feel good art. Nothing abstract or deeply meaningful. I like painting nature scenes.

I do commissions. This is my sister-in-law's cousin. She died in a car crash last year. I earned a $25 iTunes gift card for this little endeavor. I've done other commissions, too. One time I sketched a couple of golden retrievers at the Humane Society.

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