Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lucy the Dog

A few weeks ago we lost our beloved puppy Lucy. She was a great dog. We took her to get spayed and for some reason God took her from us. The vet said it was probably a bad reaction to the anesthesia. She made it through her surgery, but never woke up. We rushed to the vet clinic and were able to say goodbye before she took her final breath. It was very hard on the whole family. Today my son came home from school with a story he wrote about Lucy. I cried as I read it. Here it is:

Lucy was sweet. She bit me a lot, but I loved her. When she wanted to play she bit my Mom's pant leg. She kissed my face to wake me up. Lucy's ears stuck up, but we did not want them to. When I got off the bus she attacked my window trying to get me and when I got inside she attacked me with kisses. She was the best dog ever and no one can replace her.
P.S. I love you with all my heart still.

On Sunday we are going to get a new puppy named Rocky. I pray that God will keep him safe and that we will have him until he grows old.

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