Thursday, December 3, 2009

There is no hope for the world.

I've decided to change the theme of my blog. What once started as a blog to help people get off of their asses and learn something that will be of use to them in the world, has turned into another "piss and moan" blog. Lord knows, I have enough to bitch about. Right now I'm stuck in rural Louisville with no family or friends anywhere close to me. The people in this town (Shelbyville) are like some kind of zombie army of rednecks. They have no sense of humor and are not extrememly welcoming to outsiders. I suck at socializing with other moms because I, inevitably, piss someone off. I cannot involve myself in my church, because KY has NO Byzantine Catholic churches in the entire state. The one thing I find enjoyment in is gardening. Since we live right in front of my son's school I will often work in the gardens at the school.
So...since people really have no desire to learn how to cook or sew or do anything the least bit useful, then I will use my blog space to offer up my special brand of insanity. It sure beats talking to myself. And since I have been told that I am too wordy for Twitter, I can use my blog for all of my special rants.


  1. Finally got around to reading the new incarnation of your blog. I am a transplant too. I feel much like you do. My wife and I love to cook, make our own bread, brew our own beer, make our own cheese, grow our own herbs, knit, croche, build websites, run blogs, and live with curiosity and a small foot print. We eat dinner together everynight with homemade food and good wine in a world where rednecks shop for coffee tables from Walmart that fold out so you can eat dinner in front of the TV easier. Your location does not help things. Louisville is better, but I work 911 in your area. Its a dark, dark, weird little place. But there are folks like you about. Hard to find if you are from out of town. You ought to email me from my blog (Gomerville) and perhaps you and my like minded wife can get together. There are non-crazy people near by...

  2. Geez. Just saw your comment. Apparently I don't subscribe to comments on my own blog. Yikes. Sorry.