Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Super Disaster Lady

Let me start out by saying I love my daughter so much. She is so full of life. She's a little tomboy, but loves girly stuff too. Actually she is a lot like me, except she is a total disaster! She breaks toys, eats crayons, and rips paper. Her clothes are full of stains, her hair looks like a rat's nest, her face is always dirty and she pees her pants. If something can be destroyed, she will do it. Yesterday I sat down at the kitchen table and found a pen in 12 pieces, perfectly disassembled and scattered across the table. Who could even guess this pen even HAD 12 parts? But there they were. I asked her why she did it, but of course she had not clue. It's just the nature of her being. I think someday she will be a wrecking ball driver. I told her if she had a superhero name it would be Super Disaster Lady. Her response? "I'm not a lady." Notice she didn't argue the disaster part. Unfortunately this penchant for disaster was genetically predetermined because her father made himself a hat out of bubblegum when he was her age and also rode his big wheel down the basement steps ON PURPOSE. He thinks she's cute as heck, which she is, but she is still a total disaster. *sigh*