Monday, April 26, 2010

Souvenir Stands

My son is addicted to souvenirs. It is really bad because the kid is a total hoarder. He collects Bakugan, Lego sets, bookmarks, etc. The more things he can collect, the better. Needless to say, souvenirs stands and shops are like crack to the kid. Any time we go anywhere that has a souvenir shop he spends the entire time bugging us to let him pick something out. Last week Louisville had their Kentucky Derby kickoff party called Thunder Over Louisville. They are food stands and *sigh* souvenir stands set up all along the river as people await the biggest fireworks show in America. We went to Thunder for the first time and all my son did the entire time was bug us for a plastic ninja sword. I was so completely agitated and was not about to spend $10 on a piece of crap toy after dropping $20 on parking and $30 on food, so I was the meanest Mom in the world and we left swordless.
This weekend we went to an Art and Garden fair and, don't you know, the kid finds a little cross stitch picture that he was dying to buy? I like to support local art, but I was not about to buy it because I know it would end up in a pile on his dresser. After he asked a zillion times, I finally got mad and said, "You know, I swear we could go on a tour of a shit factory and you would find a turd at the gift shop that you just had to have." He stopped whining after that. I must have made my point, which is good because we all know that summertime is primetime shopping season for souvenir collectors.

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