Saturday, May 22, 2010

Garden Update

The good news is we are leaving KY, the bad news...I have to find another way to get my gardening fix. With the higher cost of living in the Northern VA area, even with a nice raise, we'll probably have to downgrade to a townhouse. The thought of this gives me a twitch. Perhaps I'll be able to find another elementary school in need of some landscaping TLC. For now I'm going to enjoy my garden. I've been doing some work getting it ready for when people come to look at our house. Hard to believe that a little less than 2 years ago it looked like this:

Oh, how I hated those holly bushes! Today it looks like this:

There is still a little bit that I would do to it (a couple of bare spots), that I probably won't get a chance to do, but I like it. DD can pick the flowers, it gives the house some nice curb appeal and it just makes me happy. Who wants to bet that the person who buys our house doesn't give 2 shits about gardening? Here are some of my other gardening areas:
I bought this white salvia at the end of last year for $0.33/plant. DH told me it was dead.

My rain barrel mecca:

I got this little oak sapling on Earth Day last year. It was the first tree we planted.

And finally...What garden would be complete without a vegetable garden? I hope my neighbors take me up on my offer to take the veggies when we leave. I'll cry if I think about them just rotting on the ground.

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  1. You can do a lot with a townhouse garden, especially if you can find a duplex.