Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pittsburgh trip

This weekend we packed the kids and the Schnauzers into the car and headed to Pittsburgh to visit family. We left at 8:00 pm on Thursday, hoping everyone would sleep in the car.
Our first obstacle was in regards to our GPS. Let me just say that if our GPS had nuts, I would have ground and pound them like Chuck Liddell. That stupid thing directed us through the countryside of Shelbyville for 20 minutes, only to bring us out the next town over. I almost threw it out the window! Luckily we were able to pull over and clean out the crate we had Coco in cuz she had already thrown up the first of 5 times!
The rest of the trip went pretty well except, earlier in the day, Rocky had eaten one of DD's multivitamins and farted noxious gas every 15 minutes or so. Did I mention that he slept on my lap for 7 hours?
When we got to my parents' house, I had to bathe Coco because she was, literally, soaked in vomit and stomach acid. It was awesome. I then had to clean up Rocky's poop, cuz he was so excited to be out of the car that he dumped on my parents' carpet. Oh yeah...and there was also the cat vomit that had crusted to the floor from my parents' cats. My parents were in CA all week, so there was no one to clean it up. After all that I jumped in the shower and scrubbed my skin off.
Friday we chilled with the inlaws and met Hubby's coworkers for drinks at a place called Mad Mex. I got a Kristy's Big Sister's Red Velvet Burrito.
On Saturday we went to my nephew's birthday party. It was at one of those inflatable bouncy house places. After about 20 minutes of watching the kids bounce Hubby and I decided to leave and get some lunch. We went to this awesome Italian pizza shop called Mama Lucia's. It was great to have real pizza again, not the ketchup and cheese on bread that they have around here. I also got an Italian hoagie. It was so good I would have married Mama Lucia if I could have.
After the party we went to a dog park. It was the first time the dogs have been off of their leashes outside. They loved it! We thought Rocky would get kicked out after 5 minutes, but he was really well-behaved. Look how happy they are:

On Sunday we had DS's First Reconciliation at church. When we lived in Pittsburgh we attended a Ukrainian Catholic Church. In KY there is not even a Byzantine Catholic Church, so our priest invited DS to participate in their ceremony. It was really nice to be back in church. Everyone remembered us. One of the old Ukrainian ladies commented on how big DS had gotten. It was a beautiful ceremony. Here is a picture of DS with the priest:

After the ceremony we went to my parents' house and had a BBQ, then we headed to the local amusement park called Kennywood.

DD loves roller coasters. It was really fun. DS won a stuffed animal and they both got light up toys. We ate french fries with cheese at the Potato Patch and even met up with Hubby's childhood friend that he reunited with on Facebook. It was a good time.

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  1. Great post, love the pics!! Never been to Kennywood before, but Ive heard its a decent park!! Glad you had a good trip (minus the yumminess in the car)! ^.^