Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Memories

I love snow. I grew up in Pittsburgh and it was just the most awesome thing ever when we had a snow day. Snow forts, sledding, ice skating...
I have so many memories of my time in the snow. Flying down the hill at my neighbor's house. Going airborne at the base and eventually crashing into the creek that wound around the base of the hill. Shoveling for hours from my cousin's house to the horse barn so she could feed her Arabian horse named Star. My first time skiing where I was pretty sure I was going to die as I went careening totally out of control down the slope, praying I didn't take out some poor soul that happened to get in my way. Even trudging through the snow at Penn State made for a a good memory. College students running around like kids, throwing snowballs and making snow angels despite knowing that, at 7:00 am the next morning, they would have to make their way a half a mile across campus to make it to their first class.
After college, the real world called. Snow meant scraping off your car, driving on treacherous roads to get to work. It was just a nuisance. Then I had I have an excuse to play in the snow again. It still ruins plans, but I get to enjoy snow days again. Building forts for the kids, throwing snowballs, pulling them in the sled. I try to make good snow memories for my kids, otherwise why would I spend an hour digging a tunnel through a block of ice? I hope they appreciate the snowmen, igloos, and the pots of chicken noodle soup.

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