Friday, March 18, 2011

Good bye, Rhododendron!

We moved into our new house in September. Too late to really get any gardening done. Besides, I had to take down horrible wall borders and paint practically every inch of the inside.
When we moved in the front garden wasn't too bad. It consisted of a huge rhododendron to the right of the walkway and a series of half-dead boxwoods. There was also a boxwood to the left of the walkway. The neighborhood kids took care of that boxwood. They like to mingle right there and in no time it was broken. The other boxwoods were uprooted when I tried to pick off the dead parts. They just pulled right out of the ground. In the fall I cut back the rhododendron since it was encroaching on the walkway. I planned to leave it there until it bloomed, but the warm weather yesterday made me go crazy and I just couldn't take it anymore. It was pretty much the only bush left and it was really ugly. I presume it was planted in 1985 when our house was built. It hadn't really stood the test of time.

Yesterday I headed to Home Depot and bought 2 dwarf Alberta spruce, 2 boxwoods and a flat of pansies (technically violas). I planted the spruce trees on each side of the walkway
and the boxwoods along the front, then I lined the entire front edge with the violas.

It still looks a little sparse, but I wasn't ready to commit to buying perennials, then having to run out to cover them everytime there is a frost. That will have to wait until Mother's Day.
Now if I could just get the neighbors to get rid of their ugly bushes.